Amplify your commitment to sustainability and forge deeper connections with your customers
We work with you to create co-branded art collectibles that can be integrated at the checkout line of your online store
We've partnered with some of the world's leading brands
We've partnered with some of the world's leading brands
Provide your customers with unforgettable experiences that they will cherish forever, while contributing to the preservation of the planet.
Creating a meaningful and immersive experience enhances a positive feeling your customers will remember, leading to retention
Reward your Customers
Give your customers a collectible that represents real-world impact
Create memories
Our art represents tangible impact on the environment.
Increase customer retention by rewarding customers
With every purchase, your customers will receive a digital counterpart that enables them to monitor and track their own personal impact
Gamify user experience and drive repeat business
Strengthen your product's community and loyalty to your brand
Make your mission your customer's mission: by providing rewards and a hub to view impact, your customers will identify more strongly with your ESG efforts
Improve marketing by gaining insights on new customer segments
Fill in gaps of data regarding new customer segments for retail sales
Customers that purchase via retail are incentivized to sign up to the platform
Our online portal will provide information on your retail customers in the form of email addresses that can be targeted through ads and email campaigns
Choose what data you want to collect from your customers during onboarding
Build customer trust by setting a new benchmark for transparency
Eco-conscious customers are often skeptical about the effectiveness of sustainable products. By offering a transparent dashboard, we dispel any doubts they might have and provide a new industry standard for trust.
Customers can view both individual impact and your project's total impact
Dashboard is built custom-made to work with your existing, or new climate projects
Fully customize what data you want to present
Ecosapiens turns carbon into collectibles, unlocking new ways for enterprises to showcase their impact and engage their customers, employees and communities.
Nihar Neelakanti
CEO, Ecosapiens
Garret Dafferner
CCO, Ecosapiens