Elevate your sustainability initiatives into a seamlessly integrated experience that will keep guests coming back again
Our experiences help hotel and hospitality brands attract eco-conscious customers and boost guest retention.
We've partnered with some of the world's leading brands
We've partnered with some of the world's leading blockchains
Provide your guests with unforgettable experiences that they will cherish forever, while contributing to the preservation of the planet.
Creating a meaningful and immersive experience enhances a positive feeling your guests will remember, leading to retained guests
Reward your Guests
Give your guests a collectible that represents real-world impact
Create a meaningful stay
Our art represents tangible impact on the environment.
Awe your guests with beautiful sustainable art
We handcraft artwork commissioned specifically for your brand to tell a memorable story to your guests
Carbon-backed: each of our art pieces have intrinsic real-world value by offsetting carbon emissions and advancing other sustainability initiatives.
Display the artwork proudly in your lobby, in rooms, on website, or digitally reward to your guests during stays
Digitally connected & transparent: all our artwork will display insights to guests that showcase real-world impact via options such as a digital dashboard
Loyalty & Retention: Invite Guests to Collect and Earn
Make guests feel great about their booking by making their stay a net-good for the planet through digitally-backed carbon-based art.
Ensure repeat stays by gamifying guest experience and providing incentives to reduce their
Make your hotel stand out amongst less-eco-conscious competitors that don't consider ESG at the core
Make guests feel great about their booking by making their stay a net-good for the planet
Employee Rewards: Engage your employees
In addition to offsetting the carbon impact of your hotel and your guests, you can give the gift of impact to your employee.
Add carbon to your team's personal portfolio and offer 401k-like matching programs.
Recruit and retain talent in a world where more than 50% of workers under 40 look for eco-conscious values in their workplace
Present Ecosapiens as part of a welcome package or annual gifts and showcase your values to your team
Ecosapiens turns carbon into collectibles, unlocking new ways for enterprises to showcase their impact and engage their customers, employees and communities.
Nihar Neelakanti
CEO, Ecosapiens
Garret Dafferner
CCO, Ecosapiens