What is this project?
Who’s behind this?
What is a carbon-backed NFT?
Who is the carbon-backed collectible for?
Who owns the carbon?
Who is this community for?
What are our values/culture?
What blockchain are you on?
Is blockchain harmful to the environment?
What is Ecosapiens’ contract address?
How can I help/get involved?
Why are you using NFTs?
What are EcoPoints?
How can I earn EcoPoints?
Can I buy EcoPoints?
Alpha #1: Chrysalis
What is the Chrysalis?
How many Chrysalis NFTs will there be?
How is the Chrysalis distributed?
How can I mint or buy a Chrysalis?
When is the Chrysalis release?
I might not be at my computer at mint day. Is there a time limit for minting?
Alpha #1: Ecosapien
What is an Ecosapien?
How many Ecosapiens NFTs are there?
How can I mint an Ecosapien?
When is the first reveal?
Alpha #1: Impact-to-Evolve
How do I evolve my character?
When can I evolve my character?
What is the evolution price?
What happens when I evolve my character?
What happens if I miss an evolution week?
What is carbon?
What is the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)?
Why would I want to buy carbon?
What is your methodology around the type of carbon you use?
Where do you get your carbon?
Can I hold and accumulate / buy carbon without selling my collectible?
Who owns the carbon?
How do you attach carbon to an NFT?
How does carbon help the planet?
How much carbon do you expect to sequester?
How much carbon is in my NFT?
Can you show me my impact?
What is the Ecoverse?
How does the creative enable impact?
I heard you have a comic series! Where can I read it?
What else can I look forward to?
What are the benefits of being in the Discord?
An an Ecosapien owner, do I have access to exclusive channels?