Reward your customers. Inspire your employees. Save the planet.
EcoLink, by Ecosapiens transforms carbon offsets and sustainability data into dynamic digital experiences, unlocking new ways for businesses to showcase their impact and engage their customers, employees, and communities.
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Transform your sustainability efforts into a core part of your business that drives revenue, inspires talent, and taps into the power of your community
Ecosapiens was founded to make ESG easy, transparent, and engaging. We do this by transforming eco-data and carbon into interactive and collectible art experiences that reward and delight your customers, employees and broader ecosystem -- all while raising awareness around the positive work you do to heal planet earth. Every company has their own unique team and customers, so we make tailored products designed just for you. In today's world, employees and consumers alike are demanding environmental consciousness from the companies they work for and in the products they buy. By partnering with Ecosapiens, you can turn your existing ESG efforts into a fully integrated and essential function of your enterprise.
Reward your employees and customers
Give your employees the gift of impact and offset their footprint with a custom collectible as an annual gift or as part of new candidate welcome packages
Make an Impact with Ease
All of our solutions are seamless. We integrate into your specific processes to not only minimize customer friction, but elevate the experience.
Practice ESG Transparency
Build a new green portfolio with us or stick with your existing broker. Ecosapiens integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, all while providing renewed transparency and insights for you, your customers, and your team.
"We founded Ecosapiens to make ESG seamless, transparent, and engaging."
Nihar Neelakanti
CEO, Ecosapiens
Garret Dafferner
CCO, Ecosapiens
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Transforming Businesses Through Eco-Friendly Partnerships
Discover Sustainable Solutions
Elevate your ESG efforts to stand out in today's hyper climate-aware world
According to a 2023 survey by Deloitte, over half of people 40 and under research a brand's environmental impact before accepting a job. This same consideration is given to products they purchase. The importance of having a strong climate initiative cannot be understated.
Become an ESG Leader
We will transform your ESG efforts and distinguish your company as a leader in the space
Attract Customers and Talent
Becoming an ESG leader will help you retain employees, attract new talent, and gain new customers
Reward your team and attract top talent by giving the gift of impact
Offset your company and employee carbon footprint, showing potential candidates and existing employees that your company is making the world a better place by healing the planet, all while giving your team rewards that have real-world value.
A Carbon Portfolio for your team
By providing Ecosapiens as an employee benefit, you can add carbon to your team's personal portfolios. 401k-like matching programs allow you to expand their impact.
Welcome packages or annual gifts
Showcase your values to your team by gifting your employees when they join, or annually.
Boost retention and improve customer experience with a loyalty program that aligns with your ESG goals
Eco-centered loyalty programs can attract eco-conscious customers and drive revenue for your business while supporting a climate project of your choice
Gamify user experience to increase customer retention all while saving the planet
Make your products stand out among less eco-conscious competitors
Integrate seamlessly with current processes whether you product is digital, retail, or hospitality, and more.
Art with real-world value
The most common form of our carbon is through meticulously crafted art-pieces designed by our world-class team
Unique artwork handcrafted just for your company.
Carbon-backed: each of our art pieces have intrinsic real-world value by offsetting carbon emissions and advancing other sustainability initiatives.
Inspire your customers and team with beautiful artwork that can be displayed proudly in a lobby, office, storefront, or website.
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