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"Ecosapiens turns carbon into collectibles, unlocking new ways for enterprises to showcase their impact and engage their customers, employees and communities."
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Nihar Neelakanti
CEO, Ecosapiens
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Garret Dafferner
CCO, Ecosapiens


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Build a better world and business
Let’s work together
We work with you to create co-branded art collectibles that can be integrated at the checkout line of your online store, showcased in your office or hotel lobby, and even fractionalized for your employees and guests.
Collectibles minted
Tons of CO2 offset
Trees planted
Impressions generated
Our Secret Sauce
It gets even better...
We can integrate with an existing carbon portfolio or develop a new one with you. No need to rebuild any infrastructure
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Thriving community

"Huge kudos to the team @ecosapiensxyz - The most fun way to offset carbon I have ever experienced!"

Apr 12, 2023

"Wen NFTs come to life 🌱Nicely done @ecosapiensxyz 👏Great mission with a fantastic team 💯#NFTArt by Garret Kane @Garretsapien @ecosapiensstudio 🫡 #Ecosapiens @Moonizens 👾"

May 13, 2023

"Can anybody, in all honesty name an NFT project that deserves your investment? Shoutout @ecosapiensxyz amazing NFT but too rich for me 💚🌿"

Apr 19, 2023

"Hi fam! My advice? Don’t lose this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Short/mid term, you are offsetting 2 years of your carbon footprint (even longer if you live out of the USA). You are also getting a 1/1 Genesis NFT from a unique project. Longer term, you’ll get utilities and opportunities that only an innovative, sustainability-driven, 5mill-USD-backed project could give you…."

Apr 17, 2023

"For sure would get one. Also NFTs bring a Media Product, I truly believe you guys can form into a Media Company that helps our Earth Heal and Flourish for centuries to come! Media products that are engaging and fun. Plus you guys can inspire big companies even like Disney to potentially create their own Media products that help the earth. You guys are onto something great!"

Jaynesh Khatri
Jaynesh Khatri
Jun 4, 2023

"Upgrading your Ecosapien is like planting a garden and watching it grow week by week. Love that feeling."

Apr 3, 2023

Achieve Your Climate Goals & Engage Your Community

Commission a carbon offsetting collectible from Ecosapiens. Co-brand the art with us and pick the amount/type of carbon you want.

Turn Carbon Into Revenue

Co-branded and offered at point of sale or with purchase

Attract & Retain Talent

Displayed in office, fractionalized art piece offered as employee perk/gift

Build Eco Brand Equity

Build your carbon portfolio with us, or stick with your existing broker, we will link with their system. No need for additional or competing carbon infrastructure

Make an impact with ease

Showcased as a verification symbol on website, turned into story on social media campaigns, shown in stores

Enterprise Partnerships Use Case 1:
Consumer Goods
Empower your customers to make an impact in a unique way
Let your customers share in the company’s impact
Build a community around the collectible
Share in the economics. Make CARBON a new revenue stream
1. Setup Free Collectibles in Ecommerce checkout flows
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2. Customer is rewarded a unique Collectible with real impact.
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3. Add QR codes for quick Collectible access and sharing.
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Enterprise Partnerships Use Case 2:
Professional Services / Software / Blockchain 
Attract and retain talent
A unique way to stand out amongst other employers
Showcase the company’s carbon art in the lobby
Let visitors and employees know the positive ESG impact the company is having directly
Let them take home an open-edition and share in the collective impact
Hotel lobby with ecosapien on the wall
Gold bar
Fractionalize pieces and offer employees
Offset your company’s and your employees’ carbon footprint
Give your employees the gift of impact
Offset their footprint with a custom collectible as an annual gift or as part of new candidate welcome packages
Match your employee’s carbon offset contributions
A Green “401k” match
Employees have the option to contribute a portion of their salary to offset their personal carbon footprint
The employer offers a matching program where they will match a percentage of the employee's carbon offset contribution
Employers provide regular updates to employees on the collective impact of the program, highlighting the reduction in carbon emissions achieved through their synergistic contributions
Forest canopy
Enterprise Partnerships Use Case 3:
Hospitality / Restaurants
Showcase in lobbies (built into art budget)
Display your impact
Add an Ecosapien to your existing art collection
Demonstrate your brand’s ESG effort front and center
Hotel lobby with ecosapien on the wall
Gold bar
Let guests collect and earn
Your very own loyalty and rewards program
Enable guests to take home an open-edition version of the art piece by scanning a QR code
After collecting 5 open-editions and posting them on Instagram, the hotel can offset its carbon footprint and offer them a 10% discount on the next visit